State Inspections

downloadWe know that you probably don’t enjoy the annual chore of having your car inspected, so we strive to make the experience quick, easy and painless. We are committed to fairness and honesty and are always happy to explain any aspect of your inspection that you might have questions about.


Inspections are first come, first serve, during the following hours:

Monday-Friday: 8a – 4:30p
Saturday: 8a – 11:30a


When you arrive for your inspection, please fasten all of your seat belts and bring your registration and fee of $35.00 into the office with you. For State Inspections, we accept cash, local checks, and all major credit cards.


Tips & Tricks – Be Prepared!


  • Do you have old license plates? The state is trying to get faded, damaged and non-reflective license plates off the road. If you can see that your plates are damaged, head to the RMV for replacements before visiting us for a sticker. Also be aware that, if you have red and white plates, you absolutely must have two (one on the front, one on the back). If you’re missing one, we cannot inspect your car.
  • Are your headlights hazy? Take a look at the front of your car during the day with your headlights off. Are the lenses hazy-looking? Believe it or not, foggy headlights can blind oncoming traffic, much like if you were driving around with your high-beams on. If yours are fogged over, buy a kit to restore them at your local car parts store or ask your favorite mechanic to clean them up.
  • Is your registration sticker and paperwork current? Before heading in for an inspection, take a quick look at the registration sticker on your rear license plate. Is it current? How about the Registration in your glove box? We turn people away every day because they lost their little sticker or never put their new registration in the car. We simply aren’t allowed to inspect a car if the registration paper or sticker isn’t current.